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Top Ten Reasons To Visit Saba
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#1 – Diving

For the adventurer Saba offers some of the best scuba diving in this part of the world, at over 27 different, unspoiled diving locations, all patrolled and protected by the Saba Marine Park. The visibility underwater is astonishing and the dive sites alive with wonderful varieties of marine life.

Some dive sites start within half a mile off shore. Well known sites like Third Encounter, a top-rated pinnacle dive are recommended for advanced divers. Man of War Shoals, Ladder Labyrinth, the names go on and are sites that aficionados from around the world dream of someday diving.

#2 – Mount Scenery

Just outside Windwardside, Mount Scenery stretches over half a mile or so into the sky, and beckons climbers to conquer the more than 1000 stone steps to its summit, the highest peak in the “Kingdom of the Netherlands”.

This walk is an absolute must; see the finest in Saba’s flora and fauna – orchids, banana plants, mahogany trees, our national flower – the black-eyed Susan – colorful birds, bashful tree frogs and snakes.

#3 – Airport

Built in 1959 Saba’s airport – Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport boasts the world’s shortest commercial runway approved for only three models of planes. At approximately 400 meters long Saba’s airport has been compared to an aircraft carrier.

#4 – Hiking

Hikers from all over the world are attracted to Saba. The island features a network of eighteen recommended botanical trails, carefully marked and maintained. Some are designed for easy trekking; others require a guide, enriching the experience through a greater appreciation of our natural beauty and history.

#5 – Quaint villages-unique architecture

There are four charming villages on Saba: Winwardside, The Bottom, Hell’s Gate and St. Johns. Adding to the storybook enchantment of the island, tidy houses with white wooden facades, sloping red roofs, green shutters and gingerbread trim naturally fit in with the mountainside among the lush foliage of palms, hibiscus, bromeliads, wild orchids and pines.

#6 – Delicious Cuisine

For a tiny island, Saba has a fabulous array of restaurants to suit every taste and budget. Fresh seafood and Caribbean specialties tempt the palate and reservations are recommended.

From small bars to gourmet French cuisine you’ll find something to delight you in one of our fifteen restaurants

#7 – Wandering Beach

Saba has a single wandering black sand beach that comes and goes with the seasons. Enjoy the hike, the view and it’s a great spot for a picnic. Located at Well’s Bay.

#8 – Unique Island Crafts

Saba lace (also known as “Spanish work”) is a unique needlecraft painstakingly created by the industrious women of Saba. Saba Lace was once a major export of Saba and today, is one of the most popular purchases. Items are sold by the artists from the community center in Hell’s Gate and from their homes.

Saba Spice, is a liqueur that packs a punch and has a base of 151-proof rum mixed with local herbs and spices

#9 – The Road That Could Not Be Built

There is one road on Saba, aptly called “The Road”. Its construction was masterminded by Lambert Josephus Hassell who, despite the common opinion of Dutch engineers, believed that a road could be built. He took a correspondence course in civil engineering, and started building the road with a crew of locals in 1938.

After five years of work, the first section of the road, from Fort Bay to The Bottom, was completed. It was not until 1947, however, that the first motor vehicle arrived. In 1951, the road to Windwardside and St. Johns was opened, and in 1958 the road was completed.

#10 – Friendly Sabans

The fifteen hundred local inhabitants will welcome you to their island. Join them in the local bars and restaurants where you can be assured lively debate. With only a small population after only a few days you will feel like family.

A great time to visit and enjoy the friendly ambience of the island is for carnival in late July to early August. This week long celebration features many special events, visiting bands, food stands and parades, culminating in the final Grand Carnival parade.

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